Best Ecigs In The UK

The Best Electronic Cigarettes in UK

electronic-cigarettesAnyone looking to give up smoking has a good alternative in electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes generate a nicotine enriched vapor that isn’t covered by the smoking act, in the UK. This is another reason for the huge popularity of electronic cigarettes in the UK and the world around. The e-cig looks like a traditional cigarette in shape and size, and there are e-cigs with different amounts of nicotine, which could range from zero to 19%, depending on the brand. There are some very good brands of electronic cigarettes in the UK. This article will review some of the best brands in the UK.

1. The Innokin iTaste VV –

The Innokin iTaste is one of the most popular brands in UK. The VV portion of the name indicates “Variable Voltage”, which can be changed up and down with the buttons at the bottom of the device. A LCD screen is available to check the voltage settings, and a puff counter is there to check the number of drags taken. Varying the voltage can change the amount of taste, strength and vapor you get with the liquid. The product is quite attractively designed with square edges and comes in a black metal finish. The Innokin VV is coupled with a clearomizer, and most of the customers agree that this is one of the best set-ups on offer. The one battery that is offered with the kit will last for almost two and a half days of relatively heavy vaping. The USB charger can be used without unscrewing the clearomizer. The product cost only £36.99.

2. Totally Wicked Odyssey –

This product is aimed at experienced vapers. Vaping with Odyssey provides a very strong throat hit. There are several flavors of e-liquids in the Totally Wicked Odyssey brand. The learning curve is much shorter than most of the other brands in the market, and the instructions are clear. The battery life is very good and comes with a rechargeable set. The activation button is at the bottom of the device. The product is priced at £89.99 and is a bit expensive than most of the other brands. But the quality of the product will testify to the slightly higher price.

3. Liberty Flights Vision V2 Kit Review –

The Liberty Flights Vision Starter Kit include two batteries, two cartomizers, a charger and selected liquids. The advantage is that you can use one when the other is put to charge. The battery life will last about a day and a half of regular use. The throat hit is quite good. The refilling can be done by twisting off the mouth piece. The cartomizer head holds 1.6ml of liquid, which is more than enough for an evening of heavy vaping. The product is priced at £44.99, and well worth the money.

The above reviewed are some of the best brands of electronic cigarettes in the UK market. Using them can help to satisfy your taste, as well as, quit the more dangerous traditional tobacco cigarettes.