Buying Electronic Cigarette Brands in UK

buy-ecigsLooking for the right e-cigarettes can be one of the tough tasks that a smoker can have. Nowadays, it is very much evident that electronic cigarettes are way better than regular sticks because they are easier to use and carry. Another thing that makes e cigarettes the choice of more smokers is because of the options that people have when it comes to strength, flavour and health. Those who want to taste stronger flavours can opt to look for brands that have higher nicotine content. Various kits and liquids are also available in the market to suit the tastes of different customers. When it comes to health, people have the option to choose the nicotine content of the cigarettes that they want to smoke or opt to smoke nicotine-free too.

Looking for E-Cigs in UK

There are many e cigarette brands in the market today which makes it confusing for first timers to decide which e cigs suite their lifestyle. It is important to read reviews to know which among e cigarette UK brands can offer a great smoking experience. An established electronic cigarette UK supplier can provide details about brands, their differences and what can be expected of them. Of course, different users have different expectations and experiences but it can be a good move to know ahead of time what their prices are, flavours, how many puffs one can make, battery life and many more.

Cost or Quality?

When you buy eĀ cigarettes, it is recommended not to focus just on the costs but on quality. If you are unsure of the brands around you, you can always read product reviews to get an in depth insight about them. There are experts who can help you pick the right one when it comes to e cigs so there is no need to risk on products that you are hesitant about. There are starter kits and advanced kits in the market with variable voltage capacities so you can check them out before buying.

Overall, picking the right cigarette brands in UK is easy if you look through websites established by legit cigarette suppliers that have positive feedback from customers. There are many e-liquids, accessories and offers that you can enjoy if you know a trusted supplier that can provide you accurate information and great deals. As soon as you know all your options, it will be hassle-free to choose which ones complement your taste, budget and lifestyle.

All You Wanted To Know About Electronic Cigarettes

aspireElectronic cigarettes are a simple and easy way to indulge your smoking. The kits are cheap and easy to find and they are much healthier than the real thing. However, if you just starting with e cigs, it can be difficult to choose the right kit as there are thousands in the market. We’ve created this short guide to help you out and here goes.

Start by choosing a reputable electronic cigarette UK website

The best place to find good electronic kits is at a local website. We recommend you only choose a website geographical located inside your country. For example, we are a UK-based website and we source our kits from all over the world. However, we follow UK rules and regulations regarding kit purchasing and sale and this means that customers are assured of quality with every purchase.

Kit price

Good websites will sort kits into different price ranges for customer convenience and we do that as well. As you are a novice smoker, we recommend you start with a cheap kit and start getting used to the e cigs. Once you are accustomed to the vape, you can go ahead and choose different kits to suit moods and situations.


Most websites stock refills of several different brands and we are the same. We stock refills and kits from companies all over the world. If you do not find a kit from a particular company, you can write in to us and our customer section will find the kit and refills for you. If you are using a gourmet brand, we may also source the refills for you as a regular subscription.

Reviews, warranties and returns

We know that you don’t want to waste money and for that reason, we make sure every kit is tested in-house with our team. They will also create reviews that you can read through before you buy your kit. Apart from reviews, a good website should also offer a limited warranty on your kit along with a 2 — week returns policy. We offer all that and much more for our customers.

The bottom line

Now that you know what to do, we suggest you start by getting in touch with us for your e-cigs. We are a reputable UK-based e-cigarette company with more than 2 decades of experience in this field. We stock the best e cigarettes, kits and refills from all over the world. All you have to do is go online, access our website and pick the kit you want. Our 24-7 customer help section will ensure that you get the best customer service possible along with the best e liquidĀ for your particular requirements.

Regain Your Health by Deciding to Quit Smoking

cigarette-poisonThere has been so much publicity given by health authorities to the effects on health from smoking that it has begun to have an effect even on people who have been addicted to the noxious weed for decades. Quite often this awareness is forced on people when they develop respiratory problems, heart disease and even cancer because of their habit of smoking. Fortunately doctors are able to help in this regard and can even give medicines that can combat the withdrawal symptoms caused when you quit smoking.

To a person desirous of quitting smoking one has to go through some basic steps. You have to think about giving up smoking and convincing yourself that health can improve and your chances of developing heart disease, lung disease, cancer and other health issues could substantially reduce. Give serious thought to the fact that the act of giving up smoking could help you to fall sick less often, breathing will become easy, skin will look healthier combating the aging effect, blood pressure problems can reduce and there will be no staining of the teeth and fingernails through the constant exposure to nicotine. Other side effects, mainly beneficial, are a huge saving in expenditure, food tasting better, the home and office less polluted with smoke, improvement in the sense of smell and more time to spend with family and friends because you do not need to go out for a smoke.

Preparing to quit smoking is the one single action that is difficult to undertake very easily. You must take help from family and friends and explain to them why you have taken this decision. You can then set a date in your mind, and also need to announce it to your well wishers. There will be challenges mainly coming from the temptation to smoke once again and you must find ways to combat this. Get yourself distracted, read a book, go for a long walk with your pet dog or immerse yourself in any activity that is not just as addictive, but entertaining at the same time. You will have to find ways to come out of the depression that giving up cigarettes can bring about. You may also find yourself becoming an insomniac, which may result in becoming cranky, irritable and frustrated. Restlessness could increase as could anxiety and nervousness, thus affecting thought processes. You have to recognize these as withdrawal symptoms and find ways to overcome them.

Once you have quit smoking avoid places that could have an association to smoking. Get rid of all your lighters, cigarettes and even ash trays. This will prevent others from smoking around you and help you in your effort to quit smoking. Get a lot of rest and sleep and see that you eat healthy and do not fall into the trap of substituting food for cigarettes. Harden your resolve and never give into the temptation of just a couple of puffs from a friend’s cigarette. Live your life in future with constant reminders to yourself that you have quit smoking and will remain free from the habit always and forever.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews – Which are Best?

e-cigarettesIt is mostly agreed upon that V2 Cigs would be the best current electronic cigarette on the market. The vapor clouds it can generate are incredible and the feeling the throat hit provides is just the right blend of harsh and soothing. It does not overpower like some can.

The overall variety offered by this electronic cigarette is also truly remarkable. Just as you would expect, there are tons of flavors with the V2, but it goes even further even down to designer batteries. The growing trend of e cigs as a more fashion oriented accessory can be catered to wonderfully here. The design is forward thinking in other ways as well, such as the inclusion of the new EX cartridges that last twice as long as before and allow the user to see how much liquid they have left as well.

After the V2, the Green Smoke model is likely the next best choice. Users actually tend to flip flop on which they think is truly best. The Green Smoke provides a great flavor, large potential exhales, and perhaps the strongest throat hit found in any other variety on the market. It is strong, but of course, there are plenty of vapers out there that will enjoy that. If you smoked lighter cigarettes before however this will not be for you.

There is also quite a bit of bite upon inhaling as well. Full flavored cigarette users of the past (or heavy smokers in general) will truly love the Green Smoke. The vapor clouds are about on part with those provided by the V2. It also helps that their menthol ice flavor is about the best version of menthol found anywhere else. Green Smoke is definitely a solid choice overall.

Next, potential vape users may want to consider the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette brand. This brand does not have much of an effective throat hit, so previous smokers who liked light cigarettes will probably enjoy it. The smoothness might be a bit too dull for others, so your mileage will vary. It is a fine choice other than that.

However, the Premium Vapes brand offers the same smooth effect while also providing much more choices. This may be a good choice even for anyone simply to help keep usage interesting. Since using e cigs are a way to get off of more dangerous regular cigarettes, anything to help inspire you to keep using the electronic variety instead is a plus. There are also plenty of aesthetic choices to choose from with this brand. They certainly know how to turn heads.

Ultimately, the Premium Vapes, Green Smoke, V2, and South Beach Smoke varieties are all strong contenders and might be all you will ever need out of an electronic cigarette depending on personal taste. If you like strong throat hits, by all means, go for the Green Smoke, and if you like it smoother, the South Beach Smoke is best. The V2 is the best at combining both worlds however, so it would make a great first choice.